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ambassador program

How it works:


As an ambassador, you'll receive a unique code which gives your audience a 5% discount. For every sale made through your code/link, you will receive a 10% commission. You will be able to cash out your funds once you reach a minimum of $20USD.

There are no strict requirements or posting minimums, just continue to hype up our brand the way you already have been (posting, reposting, commenting), and bonus: if you’ve made a purchase with us before, post photos/stories of you wearing your gear and tag us.

We honestly just want you to be real with your friends/family/followers and give them your authentic feedback on our brand and earn a little $ doing so.


Additional ambassador benefits:

You will have permanent access to 25% off all of our apparel. There is no monthly purchasing requirements or limits on using this discount.


Why we started this program:


We want to reward and show our appreciation to community members who have already been hyping up our brand to their friends/family/followers by giving ambassadors 10% commission from every purchase they helped make happen.


How to apply:


Please fill out this form below with your full name, PayPal email address, social media handle, and the name of your code. We will reach out to confirm the activation of your unique code and unique link via Instagram DM or email, so please make sure to check both periodically.


If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to reach us at, @somethingobscene on Instagram, or fill out our contact form.